David Kuhnlein

David Kuhnlein

SHUCKS ABOUT EVERYTHING (a literary podcast) Episode 2: THE BLOOD


“The Bull” Fugitives & Futurists (forthcoming)

“Laredo” Terror House Magazine (forthcoming)

“Béla Kiss Goes to the Theatre” Ligeia Magazine (forthcoming)

“Béla Kiss in Montmartre” Void Front Press (forthcoming)

“Béla Kiss [excerpt]” Silent Auctions (forthcoming)

“Cain & Abel” AGON (forthcoming)

Béla Kiss VI” Black Scat Books

The Disabled” Tragickal

The Dog” Burning House Press


“Sonnet to the Sea” BathHouse Blog (forthcoming)

Decay Never Came” Expat Press

Frank O’Hara in Thick Brown Socks” Juked

Knobbed Welk” Misery Tourism

December Dreams of Bukowski” Abandoned Library Press

Wooden Spoon” Rouge Agent

Injections [excerpt]” Nauseated Drive

yesterday in/ the air” Mirage #5/Period[ical]

Essays/ Criticism

“On Rated RX: Sheree Rose with and after Bob Flanagan” Full Stop (forthcoming)

Happily Never After: On The VVitch” Entropy Magazine

Post Void Dribbling: On Sea of Glass” 3:AM Magazine

Suran-Wrapped Scream: On The Cleaning Lady” Expat Press

Born on a Meat Hook: On Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” Bright Lights Film Journal

The Body’s No Temple: On Hereditary” SELFFUCK

Healing Cannot Be Undone: On Resisting the Book of a Woman Possessed” DIAGRAM

On Kevin Killian’s ‘Tagged’ Project” Social Text Online

Sexuality in the Shape of a Toilet” BathHouse Journal


For videography, copy editing, ghostwriting, media reviews, etc. query via email.

“the tortured still alive” (cover image) first appeared in issue #6 of Goat’s Milk Magazine

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